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Beach Caddy, LLC

Summer at the Jersey Shore is a time for families to reconnect and relax. The memories that happen here are priceless just like the smiles and laughter. Beach Caddy’s goal is to make those memories easier. By removing the labor of hauling gear and luggage we hope to provide you more time to make memories with your loved ones.

Beach Caddy, where passion meets purpose. We’re a team of teachers, nurses, memory-makers, and entrepreneurial masterminds coming together as your ultimate vacation squad. We’re not just your average planners; we’re innovative, fun-loving superheroes. We understand the value of family time and the importance of building up the next generation through mentoring.

And with our young caddies-turned-entrepreneurs bringing fresh perspectives every season, you know you’re in for a summer like no other. We are your vacation dream team. We believe that strong communities are built on the foundation of shared experiences and support, and we’re committed to providing personalized service that goes beyond the ordinary.

We’re not about transactions – we’re about connections. Our team prides itself on creating lasting relationships, with us you’re not just a client – you’re a part of the Beach Caddy Family. Let’s team up and create memories that’ll be staples in your family’s story because when it comes to fun, we’re the visionaries leading the way!

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